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Petrol Vs Diesel - The Pros and Cons

Petrol vs diesel is an ongoing debate which will probably never give the final answer to which is better. Thus it’s no surprise that both proponents of petrol and diesel 4x4 vehicles tend to be very persuasive. But like always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. If you’re having difficulties deciding between petrol and diesel 4x4 vehicle, it may help to consider the factors below.

As much as performance is concerned, petrol easily beats diesel although the difference is no longer as pronounced as it used to be thanks to the turbo engine technology. Nevertheless, petrol is still in the lead, at least when it comes to road driving. But if driving off road, it is diesel that has the advantage over petrol, especially if driving up hill or over rocks and uneven terrain. Conclusion: Depending on where you plan to drive your new 4x4.

This one is easy; diesel always beats petrol. So if you need a lot of pulling power, you don’t really have much to think about.

Petrol engines are a lot less demanding when it comes to maintenance than their diesel counterparts. They also require less frequent oil changes and are less expensive to repair in case anything breaks down. Speaking about breaking down, you are more likely to experience problems with a diesel engine where it offers the greatest advantage - off road.

Again, no brainer here. You will spend less, a lot less, on fuel if your 4x4 is powered by a diesel engine than petrol variant because the former is a lot less ‘hungry’ than the latter. How much fuel you will burn depends on several factors including your driving style, terrain and the particular engine/technology in question. But in general, you can expect to burn at least 20% less fuel with a diesel 4x4.

As much as price is concerned, you will get better off with a petrol engine 4x4 vehicle no matter if you’re looking for new or used one. Although the prices vary greatly between one brand to another, diesel vehicle is always more expensive. The price difference equals out eventually because you spend less on fuel but considering that diesel engines require more maintenance and more frequent oil changes, and that they are more expensive to have them serviced, the overall cost is nevertheless higher.

How About a Hybrid?

When deciding between petrol and diesel, it may be worth to keep in mind that there is also a third option - hybrid vehicles. They are much more economical on fuel, cleaner and promise the same performance as the standard 4x4 vehicles.